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What are the camp facilities like?

Shower House and Bathrooms

The shower house / bathroom facility is located near the center of camp behind the dining hall.

Three of the 8 cabins have bathrooms (but not showers) in the cabin: Cardinals & Wrens, Robins & Woodpeckers, and Morris Lodge. Cabins that do not have bathrooms in the cabins are located within 100 yards of the shower house.

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Sleeping Cabins

There are 8 sleeping cabins in camp. Some of the buildings are more rustic than others.

Cardinals and Wrens, Robins and Woodpeckers, and Morris Lodge all have electricity and bathrooms in the cabins (but not showers). Cardinals and Wrens is typically the youngest girls (going into approximately grades 1-4), Robins and Woodpeckers is typically the youngest boys (going into approximately grades 1-4), and Morris Lodge is typically the oldest girls (going into 8th grade and older).

Wallace has electricity but does not have a bathroom in the cabin. Wallace is typically the cabin for girls boys going into 5th and 6th grade. The other four cabins are Exchange, Rotary, Exchangettes, and Luta Koda. These cabins do not have electricity or bathrooms. Exchange and Rotary are typically for boys going into 7th grade and older. Exchangettes and Luta Koda are typically for girls going into 5th through 7th grade.

Depending on the number of registered campers, bunk mate requests, and proportions of each gender and age group, the cabins may be switched or campers may be in a different cabin than the typical cabin for that age group or gender.

Dining Hall

Our dining hall is located in the center of camp. We eat most of our meals in the dining hall, except on cookout nights. The capacity of the dining hall is 200 people, but with the current tables and benches, we can only seat 176 people.


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