Specialty programs are offered one or more weeks during the summer. Some of these activities take up two activity periods, which may limit options for other activities. All of these activities require pre-registration, as there is limited space in each class. Descriptions of the activities are below.

Dates Session Specialty Programs
June 14 – 20 Session 1 Soccer, Volleyball, Bejeweled, Board Games Club, Advanced Fishing, STEAM *New!*
June 21 – 27 Session 2 Flag Football, Basketball, Cooking & Baking, Magician-in-Training, Canoe Trip, Exploring the Great Outdooors *New!*
June 21 – July 1 Super Week Flag Football, Basketball, Cooking & Baking, Magician-in-Training, Canoe Trip, Exploring the Great Outdooors *New!*
July 5 – 11 Session 3 Soccer, Flag Football, Ukulele, Pinewood Derby, Advanced Sailing, Codebreakers
July 12 – 18 Session 4 Volleyball, Lacrosse, Cooking & Baking, Board Games Club, Basic Water Rescue *New!*, Exploring the Great Outdoors *New!*
July 19 – 25 Session 5 Soccer, Basketball, Bejeweled, Theater, Canoe Trip, STEAM *New!*
July 26 – Aug 1 Session 6 Volleyball, Flag Football, Cooking & Baking, Ukulele, Basic Water Rescue *New!*, Codebreakers
August 2 – 8 Session 7 Basketball, Yoga, Ukulele, STEAM *New!*, Advanced Fishing, Navigation *New!*


Sports Programs



Campers have the opportunity to practice their basketball skills, play fun games, work on technique, and learn more about the game.


Flag Football

Learn the rules of flag football and develop your skills! Practice throwing and catching, and on Friday campers get to scrimmage against camp staff!



Practice your footwork, hone your skills, and up your game during this week-long soccer camp!



Practice your serve, learn to serve overhand, and develop your skills. Volleyball camp will help new players learn the rules of the game, and experienced players further develop their volleyball skills.



Learn stretches and poses which strengthen the body while also learning how the breath connects the mind and body. This is a lovely, relaxing way to start your day at camp!

STEM Programs (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)


Advanced Nature

Do you love learning about the natural world? This class is for you! We will be doing leaf identification, learning about ecology and conservation, taking a hike to Lawless Park, studying bugs, taking water samples, and much more! *Takes up TWO activity slots*



This activity will focus on solving puzzles, learning about different types of encoding, and finding the solutions to decode secret messages. Every day will have at least 1 code to break as a group, and an Escape Room activity on Friday!



Solve the crime! Each day is a different mystery to be solved. Campers will learn fingerprinting techniques, practice interviewing witnesses, use facial compositing software to sketch a suspect, and learn basic investigative processes. Taught by camp staff with an interest in criminology and scientific research.



Geocaching is a treasure hunting game where you use a handheld GPS to hide and seek containers. Campers will learn how to use the handheld GPS units, how to read coordinates, and go out in search of hidden geocaches around camp. Skills will include orienteering, reading a compass, understanding GPS coordinates, and more! With each “find”, campers will get to enter their names in a log showing that they found that cache.


Lego Robotics

Build mini robots and vehicles! Learn some of the basics of programming the robots, and learn about speed and velocity.



Campers in the science camp programs at Camp Tannadoonah learn about nature, the dynamics of sound, bacteriology and microbiology, experiment with crystals, air pressure studies, speed and velocity, thermodynamics, and more!


Arts Programs



Do you love to express yourself through arts and crafts? Whether using beads, wood, or cloth, campers will spend this session using their creativity making various jewelry projects.


Cooking & Baking

Do you dream of becoming a famous chef? Or just want to learn how to read a recipe and prepare a meal for your family? Sign up for this cooking class and learn to create 5 great recipes!


Guitar & Ukelele Lessons

Learn the basic chords or improve your guitar or ukelele skills! Campers will perform at Council Fire on Friday evening at the conclusion of this program. You can bring your own guitar, or use one of the camp guitars or ukeleles for the week.


Pinewood Derby

Campers will design, build, test, and perfect their own Pinewood Derby Car throughout the week. At the end of the week, there will be a derby, including tracks, timers, and scales!



Campers who sign up for Theatre will work together to perform a short play at the end of the week! They will work on skills of the theater, including staging, cues, props, and learning lines. *Takes up TWO activity slots*


Water Activities


Advanced Fishing

Do you love to fish? Try fishing out of a kayak and in different parts of Birch Lake *Limited to campers age 12 and older. Must pass the boating test to participate.


Canoe Trip

Take an afternoon paddle on the Saint Joseph River! Canoers will paddle from Mottville, MI to Bristol, IN – approximately 8 miles down the Saint Joseph River. Participants will take their lunch and spend the entire afternoon on the River before returning to camp for dinner *Limited to campers age 12 and older, and must also sign up for canoeing class for the week they attend camp. *Additional fee of $50.


Other Activities


Board Games Group

Learn to play different board games in a relaxed setting with other campers. We will play some classic games and try some new games, as well as have the opportunity to play longer games over multiple days!



Abracadabra! Campers will learn to perform fabulous feats of amazing magic with ordinary objects such as ropes, coins, rubber bands, cards, and more! At the end of the week, campers will perform a Magic Show.


Overnight Campout

Campers who sign up for the Overnight Campout will have the opportunity to camp in a tent for one night during their week at camp. The campout group will assemble their camp site, make a meal over the fire, and spend the night out in the wild!


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