Weekly camp activities are offered every week, but DO require pre-registration because space is limited in the classes. All of the weekly activities take up one activity slot. The following activities are offered every week:

Boating Classes – Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Stand Up Paddleboarding

Take to the water! Learn to canoe, kayaking, sail, or paddleboard. Campers are required to wear life jackets at all times; however, we also ask campers to demonstrate some swimming proficiency for their own safety. To be eligible for boating, a camper must earn either an intermediate or advanced swimming band. To earn an “intermediate” band, campers will be asked to swim one length (approx 25 meters) on their front and one length on their back. To earn an “advanced” band, campers must swim a third length on either front or back.


Campers who sign up for dance will get their groove on all week long! Throughout the week campers will develop and learn a dance to be performed at Council Fire on Friday night. Our dance instructors work with the campers to choose the music and choreograph the routine. No dance experience necessary!

Digital Photography

Learn the basics of digital photography. Campers will learn how to frame images, determine appropriate lighting, edit and select their best images. Each camper will take home a disk with all of their photos, and several select prints. We recommend that campers bring their own digital camera, but we do have cameras to borrow.


Campers can spend a lazy morning fishing in beautiful Birch Lake. Learn how to bait a hook, cast a line, and reel in the catch of the day! Campers can earn the “Golden Bobber” award for the most fish caught, or largest fish caught during the week.

Frozen Foot Running Club

Campers can sign up to be part of this daily running club. On Saturday morning they may have an opportunity to run all the way around Birch Lake – a total of 3 miles (based on counselor evaluation of ability).

Iron Chefs

Learn how to make California Egg Scramble, Foil Dinners, Pie Irons, Pizza Bread, and many more recipes (all over a fire!). Rain or shine, campers learn how to build their fire, prepare a recipe, and cook it all over the fire. Campers also spend time learning about food preparation and care.

Low Ropes – Team Building Challenge

Learn how to work with other campers to build a strong community. Solve problems, figure out puzzles, and learn more about yourself and your fellow campers! Plus, you’ll get to find out what “Yogurt Bridge,” “Giant’s Finger,” “Giant’s Skis,” “Porthole,” and many other strange things mean! Campers who sign up for this special program will be guided through the confidence- and team-building course by our certified Low Ropes Course facilitator.

Swimming Lessons

Red Cross Water Safety Instructors teach campers swimming and diving skills. Classes for all Red Cross levels are offered, so lessons are appropriate for campers of all ages and swimming abilities! Campers who plan to take lessons are tested on Sunday evening to determine to which of the 6 Red Cross Swimming levels they will be assigned. At the end of the week campers who took lessons will be tested to see if they have met all of the Red Cross Requirements, in order to move on to the next swimming level.

Tennis Lessons

Our tennis instructors will teach campers the fundamental rules and skills of the game of tennis. Campers will have to opportunity to play singles and doubles matches against other campers and their instructors. Campers are encouraged to bring their own rackets, but we do have rackets available to borrow if needed. Beginner and Advanced Instruction offered.

Water Skiing

Learn how to waterski on the crystal clear waters of Birch Lake! The lake is quite empty during the week, so it’s the perfect opportunity to teach beginners the fundamentals. Trainer skis (attached at the toes) will be available for campers, if needed. Depending on skill level and experience, campers may even try slalom skiing by the end of the week! There is a $100 additional fee for water skiing.

Wake Boarding

Learn how to wake board on Birch Lake! Wake boarding is the water-version of snowboarding, and has become very popular in recent years. There is a $100 additional fee for wake boarding. Participants must be at least 12 years old.


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