Please label ALL items that your camper brings to camp. We have a VERY large lost and found pile at the end of each session, and few items get claimed after camp. We want to have as many items reunited with their owners as possible! So please help us in this effort by writing your child’s name in all articles of clothing, and on all other items that come to camp with them.

We bring all of the lost and found to the check out area at the end of each session. However, after checkout, items that are not labeled will NOT be kept. If your item IS labeled, we will wash it and store it at camp so you can retrieve it. But if it is unlabeled, we will not hang on to it. We just do not have space to store the huge amount of lost and found that accumulates throughout the summer.

Please call us at 574-387-6095 or email Miss Amber prior to September 1st if you wish you look through the lost and found for any items your camper left behind at camp! We will hold on to labeled lost and found items until September 1st. After September 1st, any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

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