All campers will receive one sweet treat or snack item at the afternoon store time (after rest hour). Sweet treats include ice cream, popsicles, candy, and sodas. They may also get a bottle of water, a non-sweet treat (such as pretzels, granola, or cheez-its), or a package of trading cards. There is no extra charge for these items (they are included in the camp fee).

In additional to the afternoon candy store, campers may visit the camp store in the morning during morning free swim. The camp store sells items such as camp journals, camp water bottles, backpacks, stuffed animals, flashlights, batteries, bug spray, envelopes and stamps, post cards, wristbands, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, pens and pencils. During morning store, candy / snacks / drinks are NOT available for purchase (it’s right before lunch!).

Campers / parents may make a deposit at the camp store upon arrival to camp. Campers are not allowed to carry cash at camp, so this store deposit is the only spending money they will have during the week. We recommend a store deposit of $25-$30, but the store deposit is not mandatory. Store deposits may be created during check in using cash or credit. We do not accept checks at the store.

You can also shop the online camp store!

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