aca logo Camp Tannadoonah is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). We take our accreditation process very seriously, and feel that it is very important to maintain it in order to provide the best, and safest, camp experience for your camper.

In order to be accredited, our camp has to meet a series of requirements or standards in the following areas:

  • Site and Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Operational Management
  • Human Resources
  • Programs and Activities

There are mandatory standards that cover areas such as staff screening, emergency exits from buildings, first aid, aquatics personnel requirements, storage and use of hazardous materials, emergency transportation policies, health record keeping, and many other topics. We are visited every three years by an accreditation official to determine whether or not we are in compliance with all of the ACA standards. The standards are continually changing and adapting to make sure we are keeping up with current issues that may be facing camps.

You can read more about ACA accreditation on the ACA website.

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Accreditation, Health, and Safety
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