Camp Fire River Bend | Camp Tannadoonah

Camp Fire in the 1940s

The Camp Fire girls participated in winter camping events, attended summer camp at Camp Tannadoonah and Camp Mishawaka, hosted dinners, carnivals, the annual Mistletoe Ball, and birthday celebrations, marched in parades, and raised funds for Camp Fire and for other charitable causes.

A flagpole was donated and installed by the Fraternal Order of Police in 1940. In 1941, the Kiwanis Club of South Bend donated the funds to build a Health Center. In 1948, the Exchange Club built a new wooden stairway to the waterfront, and Camp Fire girls sold donuts to purchase a replace the old pier at the waterfront with a larger H-shaped pier that same year.

The Mishawaka Camp Fire girls hosted summer camp sessions at Camp Mishawaka, located on Stone Lake in LaGrange, Indiana. They shared the Camp Mishawaka property with the local Boy Scouts. Both councils sponsored Day Camp programs as well - Mishawaka at Castle Manor in Merrifield Park, and South Bend at Leeper Park and Pierre Navarre Park.

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