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The Legend Tree

The Legend Tree is a landmark at Camp installed to honor and recognize significant contributors to Camp Tannadoonah and Camp Fire. Ringed by a spiral of 97 bricks and landscaped with flowers and an engraved boulder, the Legend Tree is a symbol of growth, resilience, and the values of Camp Fire. Honorees are those people who have made legendary commitments to the mission and organization of Camp Fire River Bend.

Who is a Legend?

The Legend Tree is the highest honor bestowed by Camp Fire River Bend. It recognizes individuals who have made lasting contributions to Camp Fire and Camp Tannadoonah. They exemplify the Camp Fire core values and mission. These are people whose dedication and commitment to leave a positive mark on our people, programs, and places. Their stories become legends. And to mark this honor we place a brick around the Legend Tree in their name.

Nomination and Award Process
Nominations can be submitted to the board of directors at any time. We require at least 60 days prior to the next ceremony (typically in the autumn) in order to notify honorees and produce the recognition brick.

Nominations should include years of service and notable contributions. The board of directors will vote whether to accept each nominee. There is no requirement that any be accepted for the Legend Tree, nor is there a limit to how many can be accepted in a single year.

Past Legends

  • 2011: Morris family (donor for Morris Lodge)
  • 2011: Laura B. DeRhodes (donor for the Dining Hall, Cardinals/Wrens, and Robins/Woodpeckers)
  • 2011: Tony and Peggy Laskowski (club leaders, camp chef, council staff, board member, volunteers)
  • 2011: Don Harman (volunteer, created pancake breakfast fundraiser)
  • 2012: Mrs. Jo Murphy (former camp director)
  • 2012: Patricia Laing (former executive director, assistant camp director)
  • 2012: Jane ‘Toody’ Goldsberry (former camp director, assistant camp director, staff member, volunteer)
  • 2013: Lois Keisling (former camp nurse, volunteer)
  • 2013: Janie Stephenson (former camp nurse, volunteer)
  • 2016: Sue Felix (former assistant camp director, volunteer)
  • 2017: Mike Sheffieck (volunteer)
  • 2021: Miss Dorothy Denton (former camp director)

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.

Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are.

In Camp Fire, it begins now.

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