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In 2021, each cabin or "cohort" at camp will have a schedule of activities for their group. We will send out a survey to all registered campers a few weeks before they are set to arrive at camp to determine what activities to assign for each group. Every cabin will have at least one waterfront period per day, with options to swim, fish, or go boating (canoes, kayaks, paddleboards). Campers who register for waterskiing or wakeboarding will have an assigned time each day to go to that activity.

Each cabin or cohort will have a variety of activities during the week, including archery, crafts, nature, sports, and waterfront. Based on the survey responses, we will create schedules that emphasize the activities that come up most frequently on the survey for that group.

The information below explains how activities work in a "normal" summer at camp. For the summer of 2021, we are changing the scheduling process to reduce the risks of COVID at Camp.

Each day at camp, we have four scheduled activities periods, each 45 minutes in length. Campers may pre-register for up to two activities, which will fill two of their four activity periods each day. Most activities take up one period, but some specialty activities will fill two activity periods. The other two periods will be left open for "free choice" activities.

Pre-scheduled activities meet at the same time every day, for all five days of the session. Campers will receive a schedule card on Monday morning, showing which periods are filled with the pre-scheduled activities, and which periods they have a free choice block. During their free choice periods, campers can choose a different activity each day.

When you register your camper for camp, you will have the opportunity to select your camper's preferred activities. You can make changes to those selections up to two weeks before your camper arrives at camp. However, many activities have a limited number of spots, and may not be available if you wait to sign up. To make changes to your camper's activities, please email our registrar, Miss Jess, or call our office at 574-387-6095.

We ask that campers do not make changes to their activities at check-in. We will try to accommodate changes, but because the schedule is already set for the week by the time they check in, we may not be able to get them into their preferred activities, or align their schedule with friends.

Click here to view a sample cabin schedule for 2021

Sample Camper Schedule in a "normal" camp year (does not apply in 2021)


Pre-scheduled Weekly Activities

Weekly activities are offered every session and meet daily throughout the session. These activities require pre-registration because space is limited and we pre-assign classes to balance our daily schedule. Examples of weekly activities include boating classes, tennis, low ropes challenge, iron chefs (outdoor cooking), dance, swimming lessons, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. Learn more -->


Specialty Activities

Specialty activities are only offered selected weeks and require pre-registration because space is limited and we pre-assign classes to balance our daily schedule. Specialty activities include sports camps, arts camps, STEM programs, special water activities, and more. Learn more -->


Free Period Activities

Any periods that are not filled with pre-registered activities are considered "free periods." Every camper will have at least two free periods per day. During free periods, campers may choose between crafts, sports & games, nature, archery, drama, and gaga ball. Campers do not need to sign up for free period activities in advance, and they can change their free period activities each day. Learn more -->


Other Programs and Activities

There are also other programs and activities offered during the a typical week of camp that do not require pre-registration. These include Polar Bear, Lake Swim, Lake Run, our Sparks program for our youngest campers, cookout, cabin night, and song circle in the evening. Learn more -->

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