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Pre-Scheduled Weekly Activities


We have a variety of pre-scheduled activities that are offered every week-long session during camp. Mini camp has a limited selection of pre-scheduled activities because of the short session.

These activities all meet daily throughout the week, and each activity takes up one activity slot, unless specifically noted. They DO require pre-registration because space is limited, and we pre-assign class rosters to balance our daily schedule and create classes with similar campers of similar ages.

Special note regarding waterfront activities

All campers must complete a swim test prior to participating in any waterfront activities. Swimming takes place only in our designated swim area. This area is divided into three camper swim areas: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Non-swimmers are automatically placed in the beginner area, where the maximum depth of the water is approximately 4 feet.

To be eligible for any boating classes, waterskiing, or wakeboarding, a camper must earn either an intermediate or advanced swimming band. To earn an “intermediate” band, campers will be asked to swim 50 yards (down and back the length of our waterfront). To earn an "advanced" band, campers will swim an additional 25 yards. The swim needs to be completed continuously - if the camper needs to stop to rest at any point, it will not be considered passing the swim test. Campers who do not pass the swim test on Sunday afternoon may request one additional chance to try the swim test during a free swim on Monday.

Pre-scheduled Weekly Activity Descriptions

Art Exploration

Do you love arts and crafts and want to do more in depth projects? This is the class for you! Activities may include yarn arts, glass etching, painting, and much more! This is a two-period activity (it will take up 2 activity slots each day), and there is a $20 additional fee for participation. Open to campers ages 10 and older.


Campcraft is defined as skill and practice in the activities relating to camping. In this class campers will learn knot-tying, plant identification, fire-building, how to set up a campsite, planning a hike or trip, and more. Open to campers 10 and older.


Campers will learn to paddle a canoe on Birch Lake. Practice paddling techniques, steering, safely changing places in the boat, and learn to safely capsize and right the canoe. Canoeing is the perfect starter-class for campers who haven't boated before!  *Must pass the swim test to participate.


Campers who sign up for dance will get their groove on all week long! Throughout the week, campers will develop and learn a dance to be performed at Council Fire on Friday night. Our dance instructors work with the campers to choose the music and choreograph the routine. No dance experience necessary!


Campers can spend a lazy morning fishing from our dock on beautiful Birch Lake. Learn how to bait a hook, cast a line, and reel in the catch of the day! Campers can earn the “Golden Bobber” award for the most fish caught, or largest fish caught during the week. Common Birch Lake fish include sunfish, bluegill, perch, and trout.

Frozen Foot

Campers who love to run should sign up to be part of this daily running club! On Saturday morning they may have an opportunity to run all the way around Birch Lake – approximately 3 miles (based on counselor evaluation of ability). Open to campers ages 10 and older.

Gardening *New in 2023*
 Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow your own plants? Join the Gardening Club at Camp T! Learn the best ways to grow and take care of a garden. Make an impact on Camp by helping take care of the camp garden! Take home a seedling at the end of camp and show off your new found skills to everyone!
Iron Chefs

Learn how to make California Egg Scramble, Foil Dinners, Pie Irons, Pizza Bread, and many more recipes (all over a fire!). Rain or shine, campers learn how to build their fire, prepare a recipe, and cook it all over the fire. Campers also spend time learning about food preparation and care.


Kayak around the lake, practice paddling techniques, steering, and learn to safely capsize and right the kayak. Kayakers might race or maneuver a boating obstacle course on the lake, too! *Must pass the swim test to participate.

Low Ropes - Team Building Challenge

Low Ropes activities are designed to improve communication, build cohesiveness, and challenge campers to work together with their peers. Small groups (approximately 10 campers and 2 instructors) will work through a series of challenges, such as the "Yogurt Bridge" or the "Giant's Thumb" or the "All Aboard" throughout the week.


Learn the basics of digital photography. Campers will learn how to frame images, determine appropriate lighting, and select their best images. We recommend that campers bring their own digital camera, but we do have cameras to borrow.


Let's catch some wind! Learn the basics of sailing on a Barnett 1400 sailboat - perfect for beginning sailors! Campers will learn to rig the boat, identify the parts of the boat, capsize and right the boat safely, and how to captain a sailboat. *Must pass the swim test to participate.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Try out the latest lake craze - Stand Up Paddleboards (aka SUPs). Campers will learn to paddle on Birch Lake, work on their balancing skills, and maybe even try some Paddleboard Yoga! *Must pass the swim test to participate.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are appropriate for campers of all ages and swimming abilities! We follow a Red Cross Learn to Swim Curriculum for all swim lessons, and our instructors are all Lifeguard certified and trained by Miss Amber, who is a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard Instructor. Campers who plan to take lessons are tested on Sunday evening to determine to which of the 6 Red Cross Swimming levels they will be assigned.


Learn the fundamental rules and skills of the game of tennis. Campers will have to opportunity to play singles and doubles matches against other campers and their instructors. Campers are encouraged to bring their own rackets, but we do have rackets available to borrow if needed.


Learn how to wakeboard on Birch Lake! Wakeboarding is the water-version of snowboarding, and has become very popular in recent years. *There is a $130 additional fee for wakeboarding. Participants must be at least 12 years old and pass the swim test to participate.


Learn how to waterski on the crystal clear waters of Birch Lake! The lake is quite empty during the week, so it’s the perfect opportunity to teach beginners the fundamentals. Trainer skis (attached at the toes) will be available for campers, if needed. Depending on skill level and experience, campers may even try slalom skiing by the end of the week! *There is a $130 additional fee for waterskiing. Must pass the swim test to participate.

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