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Why do some activities cost extra?

Only a couple of activities that we offer at camp have an added fee. These are waterskiing, wakeboarding, art exploration, and the canoe trip. These activities require additional training and resources to offer. For waterskiing and wakeboarding, there is the cost of the boats, maintenance, fuel, and additional insurance premiums. Plus the cost of equipment (skis, wakeboards, ropes). They also require specialized staff with additional training (boating safety licenses, lifeguard certifications, instructor certifications), and a higher ratio of staff to campers (2 staff are needed per activity period to serve 3 participants). For the canoe trip, we need additional staff to chaperone an off-site trip, a driver and vehicle to transport the campers and staff, and a canoe trailer to transport the equipment. The staff also require specialized small-craft safety training to carry out the trip.

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