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When is check in and check out for Day Campers?

Check In

Day campers may check in each day starting at 7:30am. Day Camp sessions run Monday through Friday, except for Mini Camp, which is Wednesday to Friday.

We recommend checking at the following times if possible. 7:30-8:00am in time to join us at Breakfast 8:00-9:30am in time for First Activity You MUST sign your child in with a staff member when you arrive. Do not drop off your camper without checking in with a staff member!

Please note that there is one exception to the regular drop off time for day camp. Day Campers attending MINI WEEK will be able to attend on Sunday, June 30 if they choose. On this date, check in will begin at 9:00am Eastern Time. We will not be able to check in campers any earlier than 9am.

Check in and check out for day camp will take place in the circle in front of the Welcome Center. No vehicles should drive past the Welcome Center into Main Camp while camp is in session. Please stay in your car when you arrive.

Check Out

Campers may check out any time before 6pm. If you need to pick up earlier than 5pm, please let us know in advance so we can make sure your camper is prepared for pickup. You must sign your child out with a staff member. Do not leave without checking out with a staff member! On Friday evening, we invite day campers to stay for dinner and our end of the week Closing Campfire. If they stay for this, please plan to pick up at 9:00pm.

Time Zone

Please note that all times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). We are one hour ahead of Chicago time, and on the same time as New York / Detroit / Indianapolis.

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