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What if my child has a special diet?

We can accommodate many dietary restrictions or special diets, but we need to know in advance so we can plan for specific meals. Please let us know of any special dietary needs at least two weeks in advance of your child’s camp attendance.

If your child needs a gluten-free diet, for instance, our cook can send you the menu for the week in advance, and you can identify any foods your child cannot eat. We ask that parents help by sending substitute foods whenever possible.

If your child has severe food allergies (such as a peanut allergy), we can work with you to determine what accommodations need to be made. For instance, we can mark all food in the Trading Post that contains peanuts or is manufactured in a place where peanuts are processed. We can provide the labels for food served in the Dining Hall to make sure it is peanut-free.

If your child is diabetic, our nurse and cook can work with you and your child to determine the carb counts for each meal.

For picky eaters, we always provide the option of salad or sandwiches if they do not want to eat the meal that is being served. For breakfast, a variety of cereals are always available, in addition to the hot breakfast being served.

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