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Why can’t we bring electronics to camp?

Camp is a chance to take a break from all of your electronics! We want the camp experience to be a break from the modern world, and we also do not want to be responsible for damaged or stolen electronic devices. Parents will be contacted by camp staff if there is a problem; there is no need for your child to have a phone to contact you.

Campers are not allowed to bring electronic devices to camp, including but not limited to Cell Phones, iPods, MP3 players, stereos, computers, handheld video games, televisions, or any other electronic devices. If it requires electricity or connects to the internet, keep it at home! Fans are ok only if they are battery operated. Campers ARE allowed to bring a camera to camp, as long as it is not also a communication device (e.g., phone, iPod).

If your camper brings an electronic device to camp, it will be confiscated by camp staff and held in the camp office until pickup.


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