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Sending mail to your camper

Campers LOVE to receive mail! We have daily mail service at camp, and letters are distributed after free swim each afternoon (around 5:30). We recommend you send letters early, as it sometimes takes a while for them to get to us! Here is the address:

Camp Tannadoonah
Your Camper’s Name
14751 Harvey St.
Vandalia, MI 49095

What NOT to send

Please do not send the following items to your camper while they are at camp:

  • Gum, candy, or other food. We try not to have food in the cabins as it tends to attract critters and bugs.
  • Money. Campers are not allowed to carry cash at camp. They may put funds in a store account during check in on Sunday, but we do not accept cash at the camp store during the week.
  • Fireworks, sparklers, “pop ’ems”
  • Anything electronic. Campers are not allowed to have phones, tablets, video games, or other electronics at camp.
  • Sharpies or other markers. We are trying to keep our cabins free of graffiti and ask that markers stay at home.

Letter Writing Tips for Parents

  • It’s the small things. Include small surprises in a letter: cut-outs from a newspaper or magazine, drawings or letters from a sibling (or a pet!), and stickers are all great additions to the envelope.
  • DO write about… Ask lots of questions about camp life. What activities has your camper tried? Which are his favorites? What is her favorite camp meal so far? Ask about bunk mates, school friends, siblings, and new pals. This invites them to write back to you with answers! It’s also great to remind your campers that you can’t wait to hear everything about camp, that you are proud of them, and that you hope they are learning new skills. This is a great comfort, and it reminds your children that you’re happy to send them to camp.
  • DON’T write about… Be careful about mentioning what your camper is missing at home, and try not to say “I miss you” too much. Send your love, not your anxiety! To minimize worry and homesickness, save mild bad news for when your camper comes home (for example, if the family pet isn’t doing so well). If you have serious bad news to share, always call us (574-387-6095) instead of including it in a letter.
  • If you get a homesick letter… When responding to a letter from your homesick camper, empathize with how they’re feeling, but reiterate that you’re proud of them for going to camp. It’s also important to remember that letters are mostly written during down time – which is when homesickness can occur. More resources about homesickness are available from the American Camp Association.
  • Time flies. Remember that by the time you receive a “low” letter, it is already a few days old, and your camper’s concerns have likely already been solved and forgotten about! If you are truly worried, call us (574-387-6095) and we will check in with your camper’s counselors.

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