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Packing for Camp

What should we pack for a week of Overnight Camp?

You can find the packing list for overnight camp on page 16 of our Parent Guide to Camp Tannadoonah. Some items on the list are more recommendations than requirements - such as a comfort item or stationary and stamps. If you're not sure about something on this list, please feel free to email us or call us at the office (574-387-6095)

What about medications?

All medications, including prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, or over the counter medications must be turned in to the Health Officer during check in. Campers may not keep their medications in the cabin.

If your camper has a rescue inhaler or an epipen, and needs to carry that with them, we can make arrangements for that. The Health Officers must be made aware of those medications, and that they will be staying with the camper.

What NOT to pack

We work really hard to make camp a safe environment for all of our participants. Most of the items on the "what not to pack list" are because of safety concerns. But we also ask that you and your campers follow our no electronics policy, and do not bring any electronic devices, including cell phones, video games, tablets, personal music devices, or really anything that requires power.

Please do not send any sharpies or other markers to camp. We do not allow campers to write on the walls / floors / ceilings / furniture in the cabins, or any other surfaces in camp. Many campers pack permanent markers for this purpose and we ask that you help us ensure that those items stay at home.

What should Day Campers bring?

Day campers will each have a cubby to keep a few items in during the week. So if you want to send a spare pair of shoes, extra towel, their swimsuit, a sweatshirt, bug spray, sunscreen, etc., and not carry it back and forth every day, that's completely fine!

Please refer to the What Not to Bring list above, as it applies to day campers, too.

Remember that Michigan weather can change quickly! Please make sure your camper is prepared for warm weather, cooler weather, and rain.

Day Camp Packing List

Other Packing FAQ

Why two towels? It's always good to have a backup towel, in case one is still wet, or gets dirty, or if campers want to have one towel for the showers and one for the waterfront.

We don't have raincoats or ponchos. What about an umbrella? We frequently continue outdoor activities if it's raining, unless there is thunder or lightning. It's much easier to do activities in the rain if campers have a poncho or raincoat. Umbrellas are difficult to manage and not conducive to active play.

What size sheets / bedding? Our beds have "bunk" size mattresses - they are 30 inches wide and 75 inches long. Regular twin sheets fit on them - there is no need to get special extra long sheets. Most campers bring a bottom sheet and a blanket or sleeping bag for their bed.

Why do I need closed toed shoes? For safety reasons, we require that everyone wear closed-toed shoes at camp. The only time flip flops or open toed sandals are allowed is when campers are going to the waterfront or the shower house. Please make sure your camper has a comfortable pair (or two!) of shoes. Tennis shoes, sneakers, closed-toed sandals, crocs, etc. are fine!

Why do you recommend water shoes? Some campers don't like walking on the lake bottom with bare feet. Water shoes can make that more comfortable, especially for kids who aren't frequent lake-swimmers.

Letter writing materials. If you want your camper to write to you while they're at camp, we highly recommend that you pre-address and stamp the envelopes. It will make it much easier for your camper to put their letter inside and send it home (or to other relatives).

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