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Each spring we create a series of weekly emails with you important information camp, in "bite size" pieces. All of the information in these emails can also be found on our website and in our Parent Guide. The goal of the emails is to break down the very broad Parent Guide into smaller pieces that you can read in a short time. Each email will feature a different topic, such as drop off and pick up information, health forms and medical information, how to send mail to your campers, and more. If you have suggestions for other topics, feel free to email them to Miss Gabby.

If you missed one of the emails, you can find the archives here:

2023 Parent University #1: Meet the Leadership Team - 4/19/23

2023 Parent University #2: How are Staff Selected and Trained - 4/24/23

2023 Parent University #3: Health Forms and Payment Information - 4/29/23

2023 Parent University #4: Electronics and Social Media - 5/3/23

2023 Parent University #5: Cabin Assignments and Bunk Mate Requests - 5/8/23

2023 Parent University #6: Activity Schedules and Making Changes - 5/13/23

2023 Parent University #7: Homesickness - 5/18/23

2023 Parent University #8: Check In / Check Out - 5/23/23

2023 Parent University #9: Packing for Camp - 5/28/23

2023 Parent University #10: Send Your Camper Mail and Viewing Camp Photos - 6/2/23



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