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Health Staff at Camp Tannadoonah

We have a Health Officer on site each session during camp, following Michigan Licensing Guidelines and American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation policies. The Health Officer lives in the Kiwanis Health Center, located in the center of camp. The Health Officer administers all regular medications, and is available to deal with all medical needs that may arise during camp.

The State of Michigan requires that our Health officer be one of the following:

  1. A licensed physician
  2. A licensed physician's assistant
  3. A licensed nurse practitioner
  4. A registered nurse
  5. A licensed practice nurse
  6. A licensed emergency medical technician
  7. A licensed medical first responder
  8. An adult who is certified as a wilderness first responder
  9. If less than 20% of the camper population are campers with a disability, the Health Officer may be an adult who has satisfactorily completed training and certification that is equivalent to the requirements in American Red Cross manual number 656137 (Responding to Emergencies).

Typically, our Health Officer is an RN or an LPN who is the parent of campers attending camp that session.


Many health and safety topics can be found on our Parents' Podcast

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