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What if my child is injured or becomes ill at camp?

All of our camp staff are trained on what to do in the event of an illness or injury at camp. During Staff Training, before campers arrive, we teach staff about their responsibilities for camper care, and what to do in the event of different types of emergency situations. There are First Aid kits located at each cabin and each activity area in camp.

We have a registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), or nurse practitioner (NP) on site at camp each week to serve as the health officer. The health officer lives at camp throughout the week, in our Kiwanis Health Center, and is responsible for the administration of all medications, and providing care for injuries and illnesses.

All of our cabin counselors and activity leaders are trained in Red Cross Basic First Aid and CPR, and our waterfront staff are certified in Red Cross Lifeguarding, and CPR / First Aid for the professional rescuer.

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In the event of a minor injury, the staff member(s) present will administer basic first aid, and will contact the camp health officer to document the injury, the treatment performed, and to have the injury evaluated to determine if further care is needed.

The camp health officer will be responsible for assessing the situation and determining if additional steps need to be taken. If the health officer determines that professional medical care is necessary, they will either (1) contact Cass Family clinic - for minor injuries or illness that do not require emergency care, (2) transport the camper to Three Rivers Health - for injuries or illness that require immediate evaluation and care, or occur when the Cass Family Clinic is unavailable, or (3) call for an ambulance - for severe injuries or illness that require emergency medical services.

When will you contact a parent or guardian?

In any situation where outside medical care is needed, the Health Officer or Camp Director will contact parents immediately, by telephone. If the situation is not an emergency, parents may have the option to pick their camper up and transport them to receive care. In an emergency situation, the Health Officer will request that the parents or guardians meet us at the location where the camper is transported.

For illnesses or injuries where outside medical care is not sought, the Health Officer or Camp Director will contact parents if the camper is restricted from normal camp activities for more than 60 minutes. For instance, if a camper has a persistent headache, stomachache, or injury that prevents them from participating in normal camp activities. In most cases, the Health Officer will make contact with parents or guardians to discuss the situation when the camper is not present. However, if the parent or guardian requests to speak to their camper, the Health Officer will facilitate that call.

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