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Waterfront Director

We’re so glad you’re thinking about joining our waterfront team. At Camp Tannadoonah we take very seriously the privilege and immense responsibility of taking care of other peoples’ children. And of taking care of those children themselves — our campers are our greatest joy and this job is ALL ABOUT THEM — the campers!

Our waterfront director helps their fellow lifeguards be the best they can be. The waterfront director supervises a group of 8-10 lifeguards and waterfront staff. The waterfront director is responsible for enforcing the safety guidelines at the waterfront, helps make the weekly waterfront activity schedule, and provides feedback to the waterfront staff.

The waterfront director must be at least 21 years of age, and have a current lifeguard certification. A water safety instructor certification is preferred, but not required. Experience in a management or supervisory rule is also preferred. The waterfront director must have strong attention to detail, and be focused on the safety of our campers and staff.

The waterfront director is also a regular cabin counselor – they live in a cabin with, and are responsible for, a group of 8-20 campers, between the ages of 5 and 17. They share cabin responsibilities with 2-3 other co-counselors. All counselors supervise activities with their own campers, as well as other campers. During the day, they assist in teaching activities to campers during morning and afternoon activity periods. This involves planning and facilitating the programs. Counselors also help develop and carry out evening program activities.

The waterfront director attends a daily leadership staff meeting with senior staff members and camp directors. During this meeting, they provide information about issues and concerns at the waterfront, and help make a plan for resolving any such issues. The waterfront director interfaces regularly with the camp directors and other leadership staff.

If you’re thinking about becoming a member of the camp staff, then you’re thinking about one of the toughest, most creative, most rewarding, and most demanding jobs a young person can get. And if you become one, you’ll get all the rewards that come with that — meaning valuable experience and an excellent resume point.

If you think you have what it takes to give of yourself in the pursuit of helping to nurture, inspire, and educate young campers, and to model the highest level of ethical, responsible, focused, and uplifting behavior, then camp counseling might be a perfect fit for you.

Interestingly, many qualities that it takes to be a camp counselor — long hours, selfless service, physical strength, creativity, organization, time management, self-starting, warmth, clear communication, and being a team player — are all ones that employers across the spectrum seek in their employees. To that end, being a camp counselor is a HUGE piece in what it takes to join the adult world with your budding career goals.

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